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Meaning of "orbit" and the crossword clue

- Anatomical name for cavity which is also known as the eye socket.
- Bounds
- Celestial path
- Circle (Earth)
- Circle (planet)
- Circle every second dour oboist
- Curved path
- Curved satellite path
- ellipse
- Elliptical path around another object
- Encircle
- Fly around (globe)
- Fly around (planet)
- It supports orb in a curved trajectory
- Path of a planet
- Path of a satellite
- Path of a satellite's travel
- Path of a satellites travel
- Path of planet
- Planet path
- Planet'S Path
- Planet's path or section
- Planet’s path
- Revolve around
- Satellite's loop
- Satellite’s complete path or part thereof
- Satellite’s path
- Sphere of activity
- Sphere of influence

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