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Meaning of "resort" and the crossword clue

- A place where many go for recreation or rest
- Holiday centre
- Holiday destination
- Holiday place
- Mineral spring
- Place frequented for holidays
- Place much frequented
- Try
- Vacation spot
- Active power or movement; spring.
- To go; to repair; to betake one's self.
- To fall back; to revert.
- To have recourse; to apply; to one's self for help, relief, or advantage.
- The act of going to, or making application; a betaking one's self; the act of visiting or seeking; recourse; as, a place of popular resort; -- often figuratively; as, to have resort to force.
- A place to which one betakes himself habitually; a place of frequent assembly; a haunt.
- That to which one resorts or looks for help; resource; refuge.

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