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Meaning of "sue" and the crossword clue

- __ Townsend, author
- ... Townsend, author
- A litigious woman?
- Assume Sam is not there to instigate litigation
- Buddy Holly song, Peggy ...
- Charges you prosecute last
- File a suit against
- File lawsuit
- Girl you take to court?
- Girl’s name
- Institute legal proceedings
- Is she likely to prosecute?
- Litigate
- litigious woman?
- Prosecute
- Prosecute Samuel, but not Mal
- Seek damages from
- Seek damages from little Susan
- Seek damages from pursuer for stealing feline rumble
- Start legal proceedings against
- Sudanese extremists file suit
- Take legal action
- Take legal action against the Sioux, say
- Take to court
- Use letters to file a suit

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